Growing food is an art of survival 

Photos: Karin Pai


The three keywords of the project "Growing with Your Food" are food, community, and environment. Growing your food is an art of survival and a great way to educate both children and adults.

Raising awarenes about growing food

Our goal is to raise awareness and skills about growing organic food, reveal the hidden stories of our local community gardens, and share our stories with Europe.

Our creative educational program "Growing with Your Food" will raise awareness about growing food in kindergartens and schools to reach children and their families. We create practical learning materials on how to build an organic garden and enrich activities in the garden.

We involve at least 35 schools and kindergartens in Tartu and South Estonia and with the help of Green Schools Network also international schools from 10 countries.

We organize different workshops and cultural activities in Tartu community gardens. Tartu community gardens are like cultural meeting points, where several nations and generations work together. Our larger aim is to have an open network of community gardens in Tartu.

Seasonal events for the general public

  • Apple Juice Rally will give everyone the opportunity to make apple juice and take it home. Food preservation is the art of survival in the sense of food.
  • Community working day Fallen Leaves For Food will draw attention to the food life cycle - local leaves become fertile soil for the local community garden, where vitamin-rich food will grow.

Our project activities are directly connected to sustainable and environmentally friendly food production and consumption.

Feel free to contact us for cooperation!

Elen Peetsmann